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Pariah Reign Local Spotlight: EvoluShawn

Hello! We are excited to bring back the Pariah Reign Local Spotlights on our brand new website! Every Tuesday we will be bringing you the stories of Boise's dance music scene--local producers, DJ's, promoters, and more. Let's kick this one off with EvoluShawn.

Introducing: EvoluShawn

Artist Name: EvoluShawn

Full Name: Shawn Grove

Self-Described Style: Electronic Bass Music

Pariah Reign (PR): How did you get into electronic music?

EvoluShawn (E): I was in high school back in 2009 and I remember getting a flyer at school for this show. So I took the flyer and went to the Mardi Gras Ballroom and experienced electronic music for the first time. I got there and the DJ was mixing with 3 decks. I was immediately blown away and wanted to learn all about it.

PR: Did you play music before producing electronic music?

E: I played guitar when I was younger, but took a couple years off. Then in high school I took a few guitar classes and got back into it.

PR: How did you get into producing music?

E: I started producing on my mom's laptop in 2007 on a demo version FL Studio. I made a lot of beats, but since it was the demo version I couldn't save any of them. I slowly advanced into using Garage Band for a couple years, and then I moved to Ableton. It took me a couple years of learning the ins and outs of Ableton (Shortcut keys are a must). Then I spent time trying to incorporate my music theory knowledge from playing guitar and then learning about synthesis and playing the keyboard. I have always like building songs around vocals even if the vocal isn't even in the final song and just used in the creation process.

PR: What was your first electronic music performance here in Boise? 

E: It was almost 2 years ago at Turnt Up Tuesdays at the Eclipse. The scene was good--there were a lot of new DJ's emerging then.

PR: What do you love about the Boise music scene?

E: I like the Boise scene a lot, but honestly I don't get out much because I am either making music or being a dad. Recently I played an opening set at the Reef playing just original music. After I was able to watch some other local producers throw down. I'm really inspired to see the talent here in Boise. Where does the Boise scene need a little love? E: Bringing like minded people together and growing together.

PR: Where does the Boise scene need a little love?

E: Bringing like minded people together and growing together.

PR: What are your dreams & goals as a producer?

E: To someday be able to perform my music for people all over the world and always be evolving as a producer.

PR: What plans do you have for the next 6 months?

E: I really would like to collab with some vocalists and local producers and work on some sort of EP.

PR: Thank you for your time!

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