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The Undeniable Secret That Pros Use To Finish Tracks

Very recently, I heard a story of a  young comedian named Brad Isaac, who, at the time, was just starting out. At one of his very first gigs, he was given the opportunity to meet Jerry Seinfeld, at the start the show Seinfeld. They chatted a bit, and eventually Isaac asked if Seinfeld had any tips for the aspiring comedian. Here’s the tip.

January 1st, every year, Seinfeld would get a calendar, and every day, he would sit down and write jokes. Every day, he would put an X on that date. He called it “Don’t Break the Chain”.

W. Somerset Maugham was once asked if he wrote every day, or only when inspiration struck. He replied something along the lines of “Only when inspiration strikes. Lucky for me, inspiration strikes every day at 9 A.M., sharp.” It seems Seinfeld and Maugham have similar ideas, and that’s the secret: just do it. It may seem simple enough, but take a look at your previous habits. Do you sit down every day and work on music? The key to finish tracks isn’t some workflow or productivity or writer’s block hack.

The Art of Doing It

What does time management look like? Take a “normal”  job, for instance; you show up on time, you work until your shift ends, you go home. Right? You are there for a set amount of time, you have a schedule. That’s what makes it your job. Take this principle, and apply it to your passion. Let’s take another look at that Maugham quote. He gets up every morning at 9 A.M. to work (and that’s what it is, whatever your passion is, it’s work). He sets a schedule and adheres to it. Why does this work?

The Power of the Schedule

Does Stephen Curry show up to every practice? Probably, basketball is his job. Now, sure, he has people that will literally fire him if he misses practice, but regardless, he has to show up. It’s his job, he “works” at a basket ball court. Does he love to play basket ball? Probably, but that doesn’t make it any less his profession. 

That’s what your passion is, or at least that’s what you want it to be; otherwise, you wouldn’t care if it ever got done. It’s a profession. It’s your job. It’s what you have to wake up early and go to bed late for. Zakk Wylde would come home from school, stay up all night playing guitar, then go to school the next morning. He’d put scale books inside of his schoolbooks. That’s what the key is. That’s the secret. Nike had it right; Just Do It.

The Key to Finish Tracks

So what is the key to finishing? How can you make sure your passion becomes a profession? Treat it like a job. Wake up early, do your job, get it done. The key is to eat, breathe, sleep, and think your passion. Don’t break the chain. That’s all it is. Just do it. That’s the secret. Don’t do it tomorrow, do it now, and watch as things get done.

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