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The New Industry

Every so often, there’s a revolution. Something so huge that it makes everything that came before it irrelevant. Sometimes it comes subtly, slowly. Sometimes it crashes through the status quo like a vengeful hurricane, ripping its way to progress. The New Industry is upon us.

I predict that this year, we will see the New Industry radically take over what is existing.

The Old Industry

The Old Industry backstabbed. The Old Industry valued being “professional”. The Old Industry would have you obeying it’s self-made code of conduct rather than have you follow your passion relentlessly. The Old Industry was scared of you. It was threatened by you. It wanted to keep you where you are because it doubts itself. The Old Industry moved in cliques held together by fear and peace treaties. Friends were competition. Everyone backstabbed everyone. The Old Industry talked shit on social media.  The Old Industry stood in the back of the room, waiting for someone to notice its black-on-black clothes. The Old Industry used its music to establish how right it is. It called itself “elite”, “tastemakers”, “influencers”. The Old Industry feared that everyone wanted a piece of it, and that there won’t be enough to go around.

But the Old Industry is dead. Or it is soon to be.

The New Industry

Instead, the New Industry is taking over. The New Industry is based on friendship and creativity, not competition and conformity. The New Industry are friends who want each other to succeed. The New Industry wants to spread knowledge instead of guard it as secret weapons. They believe that music is the core human experience. They don’t need long, complicated words to cover up a lack of meaning because they have meaning. The ultimate meaning. They don’t see people as networking, they see them as teammates. They like to be rowdy and adventures into the unknown instead of sitting and guarding the castle. The New Industry shares because they wants to see their friends succeed, not because a collective or label requires it to.

The New Industry is everything that is right with music. We are proud to call ourselves part of the movement, and we want to bring you with us. We want to share what we have with you. We want to see you succeed. Join us.

Does this sound like you? Drop a comment below and join us in making the industry a better place.

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