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The Music Producer Social Media Engagement Checklist

Hey, Pariah Tribe. This post is a little shorter than usual. We’re super busy around here, but want to squeeze in that extra value to your life. I’ve noticed that many producers do not have their social media engagement where it should be. This post contains quick bites of knowledge to get your social media engagement up, and strengthen your brand.

Social Media Engagement Checklist

  • Know that everything you say attracts or repels people. Do more attraction and less repulsion.
  • Post as often as possible. The more you are able to share good content, the more you will grow. The more you share bad content, the more you will shrivel. Strive for at least 1 good post daily.
  • Create community and conversation. Encourage fans to talk with each other. Make opportunities for fans to tag their friends, or discuss something with you.
  • Believe your fans are the best humans ever. Seriously do. Do not think that your fans are simply numbers, or people tricked into downloading your music. They are humans, and you should respect them more than anything.
  • Reply to everything. Use every comment, email, and direct message as a way to bring people closer to you. When a fan reaches out to you, they are seeking a human connection. Give it to them.
  • Stop using Instagram bots. Don’t fake the funk. Instagram bots create a false sense of caring with your audience. They fake human connection. Instead of relying on bots, make partnerships with other Instagram accounts or create high-engaging content to spread your message to new followers.

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