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Should EDM Producers Sell Music?

For most producers: no. Or at least not yet. There always seems to be a huge rush for young producers to make an EP or single for sale. A wave of tunes from apparent nobodies hit Beatport and iTunes every day–and often sit there without a single dime to be made. Here are some reasons on […]

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1 Simple SoundCloud Download Button Hack

Last night, I found Sniply, an awesome tool that is a perfect, simple SoundCloud download button hack that will get you more downloads, followers, and plays–even on a free SoundCloud account.

Why Sniply is a SoundCloud Download Button Hack

So before I explain what Sniply does, I think you should see for yourself. It’s fantastic.

Artist Collective Creation Guide

MMXV does a good job of setting up their SoundCloud. All artist’s are @ linked to be viewed & found easily.Creating an artist collective can have incredible benefits. It can bring about opportunities, exposure, and a foundation for your career. This guide is, in part, a breakdown of already successful collectives, giving you the tactics and strategies to create your own killer collective.