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Borgore’s Favorite New Artists, Tips to Life (+ More)

Borgore’s Favorite New Artists, Tips to Life (+ More)

Photo Credit: Cybele Malinowski ast week at the Boise stop of Safe In Sound Festival, we had the opportunity to interview the headlining artist, Borgore. We sat down with the Israeli producer in a noisy green room and chatted about music life, just minutes before he had to be on stage. Borgore is a wealth […]

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3 Easy Music Producer Merch Ideas

Finding the right products for your music producer merch can be difficult. Many producers look at merch with unrealistic expectations and confused looks. While there are millions of products producers can slap their logo on, here are three that I recommend.

This is a quick post covering two merchandise options in-depth, with a third bonus option that I think you will like.

In my experience, artists are big dreamers and terrible salesmen. When you buy merch, use moderation and don’t buy too much than you can sell. You can always order more. No amount of marketing can fix a bad product.


Spotify for Electronic Music Producers

Spotify is ramping up. Electronic producers have shifted their attention to building followings on the platform. Spotify is expected to be huge in 2016: here’s a few reason why you should release and build your following on Spotify.

Facebook for Creatives: Why it Still Matters

With organic reach declining, many creatives have forsaken Facebook. These deserters claim that whenever they post on Facebook, their message is never heard. This is true, and we have written an article concerning Facebook organic reach if you would like to know our ideas on the topic.
Anyway, even though the attention of fans may be dwindling, Facebook is still the primary way of judging the popularity of an artist, especially within the industry.

5 Tips to Fight Producer Perfectionism

The Tips Realize that you create for you and perfect for others. Look back at the reason of why you create music: chances are you create music because it’s what you want to do. You have to do it. Something inside you inspires you. You just cannot, cannot make music. Obsessing over perfection is more […]

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How to Book Your First DJ Gig

So you have been producing for while. You’ve made a couple of remixes, a few originals, and you think it’s time to show your tunes to the world.  You live in a city where DJ’s play regularly, but they seem so far away. It’s almost impossible to break into the inner circle of DJ’s—or so […]

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