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Slay the Story: 8 Snapchat Takeover Tips

If you’re an artist or personality, doing Snapchat takeovers on other Snapchat accounts is a wicked way to get yourself into the world. When you’re building your own audience, you want to take every advantage you can to borrow someone else’s audience to add into your own. Snapchat takeovers are free (minus any geofilters or any props), and can be done from anywhere there is LTE and something interesting.

If you’re unfamiliar with Snapchat takeovers, here’s a quick explanation. You, the artist or personality will log into the Snapchat account of a brand (like us, Pariah Reign) and post Snapchat stories about what you’re up to. After the takeover is over, the you’ll log out of the account, and hopefully would have brought some of the brand’s audience over to your fanbase.  This is a great way to connect with a new audience and convert some of them.

Here’s the Snapchat takeover tips.

1. Be Interesting

The selling point of artist Snapchat takeover is to show an interesting perspective that most people don’t have access to. It is your job as the artist to supply something worth watching.

The easiest way to show something interesting is to be somewhere interesting. Our Pariah Reign Snapchat takeovers usually revolve around concerts and events that are bound ot pop off. If you’re playing a gig, club, festival, or other show, chances are you can make a convincing Snapchat takeover. This is especially true if you can show the backstage lifestyle.

Don’t have a gig coming up? Don’t worry: you don’t absolutely need a performance to be interesting.

One of our most popular Snapchat takeovers was a look into the top-rated music production school, ICON Collective. A good friend and student walked the Pariah Reign Snapchat audience through the daily grind of the world’s best producer/DJ school.

Even if you don’t attend a really cool school, you can still be interesting. If you’re rolling with a squad of other musicians, you have good content there. If you’re truly funny and charismatic, you can get away with pretty much anything on the takeover.

What you shouldn’t do on the takeover, however, is sit around your house, smoke weed, make a video of your cat, and play WIPs of your upcoming tracks. That doesn’t stand out at all to the usual producer/DJ noise that is already on Snapchat. Step it up.

2. Pre-Promote the Takeover


Here’s our template for Snapchat Takeover promo images. Notice the step-by-step instructions on how to get connected with the takeover.

Announce beforehand that you’re doing a takeover so your audience can add the takeover’s account. Most likely, the brand you take over will hook you up with an image to promote what you’re doing. Do a really good job of letting your fans know what account you’ll be on, when it will happen, and that they should add that Snapchat account immediately.

3. Charge Your Phone

This one might seem obvious, but you need to have a full phone battery before you start your takeover. If you’re doing a full day worth of snapping, you should definitely make sure your phone is charged. If you’re going to a concert to takeover, make sure you are at 100% before you leave.

I’d even recommend going a step further and picking up an external battery for your phone so you can charge your phone with a USB on the go. If you’re at the venue, a CDJ USB slot will also charge your phone (not that I know this from personal experience).

4. Introduce Yourself

When you get onto the takeover, your first story snap should announce the takeover. You want people ti know that their regularly scheduled Snapchat programming is interrupted. Use the text, “[Your Artist Name] Snapchat Takeover” or something similar to make the takeover clear, even to people who have their volume off.

Your second story snap should be a video introducing who you are, and what you’re doing. For example: “Hey guys, I’m [Your Artist Name] and tonight I’m playing with [Other Artist Names] at [Venue] in [City].” Use text again so people what is going on even if they have their volume off and can’t hear you speak. Drop your personal Snapchat username here so people can add you after.

5. Get Creative with Snapchat’s Tools

Remember be interesting? One way to do this is to go to town on Snapchat’s tools.

Snapchat has a lot of really cool functions to help add pizzazz to your takeover story. Here’s a quick list.


Our Party Mode: On geofilter used by Kayzo at Life in Color. The geofilter has since been redesigned so no graphics are covered up by Snapchat's interface.

Our Party Mode: On geofilter used by Kayzo at Life in Color. The geofilter has since been redesigned so no graphics are covered up by Snapchat’s interface.

Create a custom geofilter to show off the takeover. If you’re not sure how to create your own geofilter, we have a complete, free guide to walk you through the process. If you’re taking over at a concert, map out the area and time to reflect the venue and duration of the show.


Get creative with that pen. Be silly and draw a willy on someone’s face, decorate the background of the snap, or do something weird.

Pro Tip: If you want to change the brightness and saturation of your colors, open the color selector and drag your finger across the screen of your snap. Dragging left decreases saturation, dragging down decreases brightness. You can get a black pen by moving your finger to the bottom left corner, and white by moving your finger to the top left corner.

Pro Tip 2: The Snapchat pen always will draw behind text. If you’re using the big text option and want the text to stand out, you can scribble in a background behind the text. This is useful if your background washes out the text and makes it hard to read.


Remember that not everyone watching the story will be able to hear the sound. For important parts, add a text annotation to summarize what you’re doing. People with their volume off will thank you.

You can also use the same drag-to-select-color tip to change the color of your text.



Custom stickers from my personal Snapchat, including Fetty Wag and weird cutouts of my face.

Let’s get sticky. Snapchat stickers are a great way to add pizzazz to your story. Whether emojis, Snapchat stickers, custom stickers, or 3D stickers, there’s a lot to be had.

Snapchat just rolled out custom stickers for iOS users. This feature allows you to draw around an object, cut it out, and use it like a standard Snapchat sticker. It even saves the cutout to your sticker library for future snap uses. I took a pretty funny custom sticker of Pariah writer Payton’s dog, affectionately named “Fetty Wag”.

Pro tip: You can pin stickers objects in videos, called 3D stickers. When placing your sticker, press down and hold where you want the sticker to pin. The sticker will now zoom in when the pinned object gets closer, and zoom out when it gets farther away. If you’re panning, you can also hide the sticker until you pan over to the object it’s on. This works for text too.


Mistakenly called filters, Snapchat Lenses are the familiar face distortions turning Tinder chicks into puppies, Blackbear into Chad, and people everywhere into weird wacky stuff. If using a lens fits with the storytelling you’re doing, go for it. In my opinion, lenses are played out and a little cheap, so really think about the narrative you’re trying to tell, and if it makes sense to use a lens.

6. When in Doubt, Post It

It’s better to post more than less when you do your Snapchat takeover. There’s nothing worse than having a Snapchat takeover with 3 snaps on the story. It’s incomplete and lame.

When you do a takeover, you want to tell the full narrative of what you’re doing, start to end. Make a story arc with a clear beginning, middle and end. Remember in school where you learned background, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution? That stuff matters. Don’t leave the Snapchat viewers hanging.

Feel free to add in the little dumb parts of your day that you think are funny, but other’s might not. Chances are, if you like it, someone else will. Goof around. Be silly. Have a good time.

7. Add and Interact

People will probably be adding the Snapchat account while you’re doing the takeover. If you do good pre-promotion, there will be people adding the account just to watch your takeover. Make sure to check in on the app to see if anyone added you. Accept these requests as soon and often as you can.

Also, followers of the Snapchat account will be messaging or snapping the account. Connect with them. Say thank you when people compliment, and have conversations while doing the takeover. This is a chance for you to show that you’re a human being, and get some fan loyalty by engaging.

8. Sum it Up

Sign off the end of your Snapchat takeover. Thank the people for watching, and drop your own Snapchat username again so people can follow you further. Don’t just have the takeover abruptly end and make the watchers wonder what the hell happened.

Bonus for Brands: Make your Snapchat Password Funny

If you’re going to be sending out your Snapchat account details to different personalities to takeover, make a memorable, but safe Snapchat password. Things like ‘HailSatanEatPizza69’ or ‘TruckRichesGetHoney420’ are sure to get a laugh, that is, if you’re in the culture where things like that are funny. At least include 2 capital letters and 2 numbers in your password to make it safe. Bonus points if you add in a symbol.

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