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Safe In Sound Proves Bass Music is Still Supreme

Last Wednesday, The Rockstar Energy Drink Safe In Sound Festival made its third annual stop in Boise, Idaho landing at the Revolution Concert House. As big and badass as ever, seven artists slayed the audience for seven hours with heavy bass music and intense visuals.

This year, the tour brought out headlining talent Borgore with support from Snails, Terravita, and Eptic.

The night started out with standing in the suburban daylight, outside an unsuspecting building. It looked like an old grocery store, placed in a strip mall and surrounded by fast food restaurants and gas stations as far as the eye could see. It didn’t seem like the type of place top international artists would be playing.

But that didn’t stop anyone.

The line to get in the venue wrapped around the block, as security hurriedly tried to pat everyone down in an efficient way. A few PETA girls took advantage of the long line, handing out glow-sticks and veganism to all who would hear.

I showed the security my press pass–a Tyvek wristband with the word, “photo” written on it–and stepped out from suburbia and into something completely different.

Inside the show

I entered the venue and looked around. Music fans from hardcore ravers to the slightly-jaded industry peeps (like me) were in attendance. I couldn’t tell if it was a Halloween event, a dubstep show, or a PLUR party–as all subcultures of the electronic music scene were in full appearance. Some in costume, others in almost nothing at all.

Three local openers–including The White Owl Project and newcomer Bond– set the stage for the night, providing heavy vibes set the night. Like a frog in a pot, the local support simmered energy hotter and hotter, until the crowd was ready to boil.

And then, Eptic came on.

Eptic Safe in Sound

The Cosmic Overlord reigned supreme for his early timeslot, blasting his unique sounds into the far reaches of the galaxy. The LED displays lit up brilliantly with his signature visual style. A designer at heart, I was fascinated with the animations and visuals on screen. It was gorgeous. The smooth gradients and cartoon monsters played out amazingly across the pixel-mapped DJ booth and backdrop–a truly surreal experience to watch.

Terravita Safe in Sound

Terravita was next. The dynamic duo are no strangers to Boise, playing the City of Trees a handful of times within the past 2 years. They absolutely rocked their set, going in on heavy dubstep and trap. The night continued to dial up as the venue suddenly flooded with people. The fashionably-late crowd had arrived, and was ready to party.

Snails Safe In Sound

The vomitstep god himself Snails stepped up next to lay down a gnarly set of filth and hype. The Montreal producer’s debut in Boise was arguably the most anticipated set of the night. Snails’ labelmate and occasional collaborator Kai Wachi is the biggest producer to come out of Boise, and even Idaho. The hometown love for Kai spills over to Snails and the rest of the Kannibalen Records family. By the end of the night, the venue was covered in ravers with Snails sweatshirts–a fitting tribute to a hyped artist.

Borgore Safe In Sound

Read our interview with Borgore here.

Lastly, but certainly not least: Borgore. At midnight, the Buygore founder turned 29. Birthday shots and a wild set was ensued. Throwbacks like “Nympho” and “Decisions” almost burst the speakers in the packed venue. The crowd clapped along to “Ratchet”, and got down with the sounds from 2011.

Near the end of his set, Borgore grabbed the mic and yelled, “I want every girl to get on someone’s shoulders right now. It doesn’t matter if you know them or not, get up high.” It happened. A wave of girls on shoulders popped up in the crowd. From there, in true Borgore fashion, things got a little crazy.

Boise = Bass

There’s a reason why Boise flocks out to Safe In Sound every year. In Boise, it’s rare for anyone to consistently guarantee a good turnout like the Safe In Sound Tour. If the energy of a show is tied to the density of people there, it is no wonder why Safe In Sound is so electrifying year after year. It’s a promise of good times and heavy music for all.

All photos via Safe in Sound (Facebook)

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