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Produce music? You are probably a coward in this area

A major plague amongst electronic music producers is not finishing started projects. While some creative roads leave to dead ends, there are a number of excuses producers will use to justify their fear of finishing work.

Cognitive Load

Things are easy to start but hard to finish. It’s a cognitive fact.

When beginning a project, its familiar. You load your drum racks and mastering chains. You create a basic drum pattern that you’ve used in 40 other projects. You scroll through your favorite sample packs and get to work. The track begins to take shape while you’re cruising on autopilot.

However, there becomes a point where your intuition notices that something is off. Now you must think your way to finishing the track instead of feeling your way. The last 20% of progress becomes insurmountable compared to the first 80% before it.

At this point, most producers give up.

It’s too hard to analyze and obsess over what needs changed to make the track the work.

Cowardice & Quality

Now, for why I called 90% of music producers cowards.

By not finishing a project, you do not take responsibility for the quality of it.

When we first launched Pariah Reign, we had a majorly problematic t-shirt. The print would get these weird stains on it. The fit was super small all around. The back of the shirt was appropriated from another brand, and edited to fit our message. It looked sick, but we got a lot of negative feedback on it for all these reasons and more. I developed thick skin very quickly.

This is the risk you run by releasing creative work, and the cowardice in not finishing. Unfinished work always has an excuse for not being good. “Oh I was gonna add that. Oh I was gonna change that. Oh yea I didn’t EQ it.” But when something is finished and delivered, there is nothing to hide behind. Criticism must be taken directly. There is more of a chance to grow.

So if you don’t finish your projects out of a fear of criticism, stop allowing yourself to be sheltered. Grow thick skin and produce work.

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