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Pariah Tribe Spotlight: Crystalize

Introducing: Crystalize

Full Names: Benjamin David, Rebekah Walker

DAW of Choice: FL Studio

You were recently signed to Circle Talent Agency, congratulations! how does it feel? In what ways do you think they help you as artists?

It feels great, finally makes us feel like we are professionals at what we do!  They have been telling us that we are under their wings right now, they are willing to help us reach out to the right people’s ears, and push the brand to grow together.

You’ve had rave reviews from major artists like MUST DIE! and heRobust, how would you describe that feeling?

MUST DIE! and heRobust are two of the artists we look up to highly as people and as artists in the industry.  Its an incredible feeling to be respected by people who you look up to very highly because it shows that you are doing something right!

As a duo, does it ever get difficult to maintain a style or cohesiveness in your music? How do you overcome differences in your ideas?

Sometimes we have our differences, but mainly we are on the main page about things.  We overcome our creative differences by always talking about our vision to each other and letting each other know just what is going on, sometimes we let each other take the reigns on certain things for bit but we are always talking things through before anything happens!

Where did “Crystalize” come from? How did you both get started in EDM?

Well, I was thinking what would really define myself.  I looked up “define or make clearer” in the dictionary and crystallize came up, I wanted to make myself unique so I knocked off one L.  I got started a long time ago from listening to Ewun (Kill The Noise’s old name) and got inspired from him to start my own project about 9-10 years ago. Bek got started into EDM when she heard Skrillex on the radio 5-6 years ago and her passion for it started from there.

Describe your workflow on an average day in the studio. Where do your songs start, and what’s your method of finishing them?

Every day contains a lot of designing our own sounds, we like to make a lot of our sounds fresh for every song we produce because we don’t want our “sound” to get old or tiring.  Bek usually starts with the melodic side of things in the break, while I work on sound design for the drop and we meet in the middle.  Our method to “finish” tracks is that we push to make a full demo, sit on it and let our ears rest for a few days then come back to it.  If it needs polishing after our ears are rested, that is when we do fine tuning and touching up.

Jai Wolfe played your Porter Robinson remix at Coachella last year, tell us about what that was like.

Last year’s Coachella will always be special to me.  That was the first time one of my songs were played at a festival.  Jai messaged me with a link of someone catching it in his set and it was such a huge surprise to me, which made it that much more special.  The experience I had that night is still so surreal to look back on.  So much love for Jai Wolf!

There are some stacked collaborations in your repertoire, what’s different when working with friends versus working alone?

There are a few differences in working with friends versus working alone with Bek, most of our collabs are either stems or in different DAWs because we know how to get around in 7 DAWs.  There’s usually a different workflow but we are adaptable with working with others and their workflows!

Looking back at the beginning of your career, what did you think would be different once you reached this level of success? What’s the same?

Firstly, we are both extremely blessed to get this far in our career. We thought we would be playing and spreading our music to more live audiences, and connecting with our fans. What’s the same? We are still in touch with our fans. We show we appreciate them. That’s something we will never change. Fans are the backbone of Crystalize.

Your first release hit the top 20 on the Beatport Hip Hop chart. What was your mindset like leading up to the release date?

With Blow The Roof, I just wanted the song to do well!  We pushed it hard and we were ready to give it all we had!

Every track you do has its own unique sound and flavor. How do you go about sound design to give your music that individuality?

We try our best to make the most unique sounds on the market, we are not trying fit inside the mold.  Our goal isn’t to fit inside the mold or copy other artists because we highly believe in our own individuality.

Do you have any tips for aspiring producers?

Keep working hard, striving to get better, learn everything you can and don’t get caught up in the scene and do you.



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