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Pariah Reign Local Spotlight: Tej

Hello! We are back for another week of Local Spotlights with DJ/producer Tej. Tej recently played one our THUMP monthly events, and slayed some faces with bass music. Check out how he became a musician, got into electronic music, and what he has in store for the future.

Introducing: Tej

Artist Name: Tej

Full Name: Gureet Singh Sandhu

Self-Described Sound: I love taking the listener through a musical adventure, so I always try to provide contrast between melodic notations and heavy drops. I love using worldly sounds, such as Indian instruments, in combination with heavy/crunchy sounds and MIDI's to create a yin and yang effect so to speak.

Pariah Reign (PR): How did you get into electronic music?

Tej (T): I went to Freaknight 2012, and after that I couldn't stop listening to electronic music.

PR: Did you play music before producing electronic music?

T: I started playing piano at the age of 5, and picked up the guitar at age 9. I got into choir at school when I turned 11, and after high school I got into hip hop. It wasn't long after I got to experience my first EDM shows with Steve Aoki, Bassnectar, and Rusko. After Freaknight in 2012, I was completely converted to EDM.

PR: How did you get into producing music?

T: I initially started producing to make my own hip hop beats, but found out that I could combine all the elements of music that I love in EDM in 2013. I initially was into heavy trap and house music, but that evolved into party trap, bounce music, and dubstep.

I always have used Ableton to produce music, and have created sounds using Serum, Massive, Sylenth, Zebra, and Ableton Operator. In the past I have always mixed on Traktor, but I am learning how to use CDJ's, and am hoping to have that mastered in the next few months.

PR: What was your first electronic music performance here in Boise? 

T: My first show in Boise was at Fatty's 2014. At the time, FML Thursdays were happening there, and it was really the only place I knew of that did anything for EDM music. The scene was definitely more low key, but there was definite excitement and potential for more.

PR: What do you love about the Boise music scene?

T: I love that the people apart of this scene stay close to each other. Currently, everyone seems to be united under the common goal of promoting the the scene and bringing in big artists to help future the growth of this city. And what I love most about that is that it provides a platform for artists such as myself to take a few shots and prove to ourselves and others what we can do with the music.

PR: Where does the Boise scene need a little love?

T: Due to the conservative nature of Idaho as a whole, what I feel the scene needs is more acceptance from the public. When we can get that, we should be able to bolster our overall night life scene, having more options for possible venues and artists willing to come through town and throw down.

PR: What are your dreams & goals as a producer?

T: To be heard and judged for what I am and sound like, and not anything else.

PR: What plans do you have for the next 6 months?

T: I am playing three camping shows coming up, including Forever Forest and Lego Land. One of those is still unannounced. I am also working on releasing another single in the next few months.

PR: Thank you for your time!

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