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Pariah Reign Announces New Open Deck Time at Signal

We are ecstatic to announce that we are opening the Signal decks to you!

In our efforts to invest in the Boise music scene, we are inviting you to play on our professional Pioneer NXS2 setup with full sound and production behind you at Signal.

We understand that house music may not be everyone's first choice of music to DJ, but it is necessary to keep on-format with rest of the night for consistency's sake. While this format may not be ideal for all, it is our best shot to grant artists a chance to get direct club experience on industry-standard gear to prepare them for future gigs on CDJs.

This open deck time is designed to provide an educational experience on the technical ins and outs of Pioneer CDJs. Even if you don't play house music, playing a different genre for few minutes on CDJs can give an experienced controller DJ the skill to perform a full-length CDJ set in their own genre. If open deck time becomes a reality for our other formatted shows, we can become more accepting of different genres as they apply to their own corresponding show.

Click here to reserve your open deck time.

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