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Pariah Plays Vol. 15

1. Sweater Beats - Did You Wrong (FRND Remix)

Yes. FRND kicks off this week's Pariah Plays with a jammy R&B influenced tune. The combinations of sound on the drop, plus MAX's smooth vocals brings a lush sound to your eardrums.

2. Hotel Garuda - Till It Burns Out

Hotel Garuda (the collab project of Manila Killa and Sweater Beats) lays down a soulful vocal-driven anthem with uplifting saw stabs and cinematic percussion. Violet Skies' serenades you with a vocal performance worthy of a listen (or three).

3. lophiile - Preach

Wanna hear sampled R&B vocals, organic saw chords, and live guitars transformed into the jam of jams? "Preach" brings it. It's like sitting in a ray of sunlight on the side of a mountain--straight loungin'.

4. Loving Arms - Walls ft. Blu Eyes

Loving Arms teleport you to a magical place with "Walls". Starting with an island vibe and breathy female vocals, the track quickly transforms into an uplifting anthem, perfect for the ending weeks of summer. Pay attention to how vocalist Blu Eyes comes in on the verses and transforms the instrumental into a full masterpiece.

5. Two Friends - Emily (Zack Martino & BEAUZ Remix)

Prepare to singalong. Zack Martino and Beauz transform Two Friends' "Emily" into a future driven perfection with rich chords and spectacular arrangement. Just like that person you know is bad for you but can't resist anyway, you will keep coming back to this remix. 

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