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Pariah Plays Vol. 014 - Eliminate, sfam, Bawldy + More

1. Eliminate - Snake Bite VIP

Holy damn. Eliminate brings the heat with “Snake Bite VIP”. The LA-based producer combines out-there synth sounds with grimey 808’s to make a stellar trap anthem that is sure to bang. With over 300k plays on SoundCloud, it is safe to say you will be hearing this track everywhere.

2. sfam - Inhale

New Orlean’s sfam will slay your eardrums in the best possible way with “Inhale”. After the most climactic build to grace SoundCloud for years, sfam drops it in with wonky sounds and dubstep elements to make a raucous out of your headphones. Be sure to check the second drop.

3. Bawldy - Roll

Bawldy lays it back with “Roll”, a slow trap jam that can only be described with one word: gangster. “Roll” will kick you back into your seat and groove, transporting you back to that 3AM festival set that you wish you could remember more of.

4. PEEKABOO - Revenge

“Revenge” pushes and pulls like few tracks do. PEEKABOO uses descending basslines and ascending screeches to bring you up and back down as the tune rides along. Keep on the listen for Skrillex samples inside the tune.

5. Daravuth II & Skrab Grass - Sonar

SoundCloud label Jadū Dala conquers again with Daravuth II & Skrab Grass’s tune, “Sonar”. The robotic plucks and glitch elements transport you to a strange alien homeworld as mysterious as it is majestic. Prepare for some killer foley sounds in the second drop and uplifting chords in the third.

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