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Pariah Plays Vol. 006 – Convex, Valentine, K?D, Casper

Hello! We took a week off of the Pariah Plays to celebrate Thanksgiving, but we are back!
This week’s sounds are inspired by Porter Robinson! I’m leaving tomorrow to drive 6 hours to go see him perform with Madeon and San Holo. This week’s are in the slow, melodic house music style of Porter.
Listen to the entire playlist:

1. TOFUKU – Sunrise Cutie (Casper Remix)

I freaking love Casper, IRL and URL. This remix of Tofuku’s Sunrise Cutie is 500% in the vein of Porter Robinson–even to the Flicker nod at the end of the first hook. It’s almost 8 minutes long, but worth every second. (PS: There may be a hardcore drop at the end)

2. Kaizen & Shinigami – Bloom (Convex Remix)

Longtime homie and prior Pariah blog featured artist slays the game with his remix of Bloom. This tune is sure to get a jam going in your head, and start your mood off right.

3. Basecamp – In Stone (VALENTINE Remix)

Oh my god. Valentine. This dude has been slaying the game recently with his future bass goodness. This brand new remix features killer sound design and melodic elements to twist the boundaries between the jagged and the serene.

4. GTA – Red Lips Ft. Sam Bruno (k?d Remix

It would be impossible to do this roundup without mentioning K?D. The anonymous producer has been putting out monster tunes for the past year. This Red Lips remix is no exception. Get lost in it’s warm chords and accomodating sonic landscape.

5. SHSTR – Forthcoming

SHSTR slays it with Forthcoming. While it’s a bit more uptempo than the other tracks on this playlist, it absolutely drives with massive melodic layers progressing over the tune.

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