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Pariah Plays Vol. 005 – Crystal Knives, A Boy & A Girl, kyle hughes + More

Hello! This week’s Pariah Plays is traplord af. We’re celebrating all aspects of trap music with a playlist that is guaranteed to get your day lit.
Listen to the entire playlist:

1. Tchami & Malaa – Prophecy (Van Nostrand Remix)

Our first demo submission has made it onto the blog! Van Nostrand’s remix of Prophecy brings groovy sitars at a slow, driving tempo.

2. Crystal Knives – Poppin’ Off

Yass slay. Longtime Pariah Tribe member and blog first timer Crystal Knives has been slayin’ the game in the midwest. Poppin’ Off is a classic trap anthem with percussive leads, fantastic arrangement, and sick sound design.

3. A Boy & A Girl x Pixel Terror – Hotblood

LA homies A Boy & A Girl paired up with Pixel Terror to create an absolute rager of a tune. Hotblood features heavy screeches, detuned vocals, and dubstep elements to create an absolutely insane soundscape.

4. kyle hughes – dennis rodman

Do you want peanut butter with that jam? kyle huges brings absolute monster with denis rodman. Check out the second drop where it flips from trap to moombahton.

5. Freer – Noise

TrapStyle is at it again. TrapStyle South Africa released Freer’s Noise–a metallic tribute to all things thug bass music. Freer combines cinematic percussion with intense sound design, decimating all those in the way of this tune.

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