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Pariah Plays Vol. 004 – Hapa, Outlit, Zerotep, Khensu + More

Pariah Plays Vol. 004 is here! This week our curation is centered all around lowkey beat music. Minimal bass vibes and interesting percussion are the star of the show this week. Pariah Plays Vol 004 includes a huge amount of regional talent, including two artists from our home city of Boise, Idaho.
Listen to the entire playlist:

1. Outlit – Island (feat. Zero Tep)

Outlit is lit. So is Zero Tep. One of many collaborations between the two, Island provides a whimsical laidback vibe with minimal production and killer melodies. The second groove is definitely one to surprise. (PS: the artwork is rad as hell too.)

2. EvoluShawn – Aridtiy

Boise local EvoluShawn slays it up with a groovy, jazzy track guaranteed to kick it back. Aridity features samples from LL Cool J, deep chords, and massive percussion. Sit back and enjoy the vibes.

3. Hapa – Awry

Damn. Hapa brings the minimal trap vibes with Awry. Deep groove and bells dominate the soundscape like harrowing sounds through the halls of a forgotten ancient temple.

4. snuggles – Baking Soda

Baking Soda, I got Baking Soda. Teenage Boise producer snuggles lights up the minimal trap vibe with the jammy Baking Soda. Sitar-like plucks syncopate with a clean bassline to create an irresistible groove.

5. Khensu – Dynasty

Salt Lake City local Khensu dominates like a samurai out of hell with his original, Dynasty. The Japanese inspiration plays through a chilling track with detuned strings and haunting vocal manipulation. Check it out.

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