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Pariah Local Spotlight: Flowstate

Tuesdays are for the Boise's, with a local spotlight featuring another artist from our hometown. Today we chat with Flowstate, an up-and-coming bass producer from the City of Trees. Discover how Flowstate found his calling in music and much more in this Local Spotlight.

Introducing: Flowstate

Full Name: Derek Alverson

Age: 25

Self-Described Style: I want my range of music to not be limited to a certain style or sound. I want it to be a vast open canvas that allows me to go in any direction I desire. Which can be difficult because it's generally accepted in electronic music to have your "style", where all of your music has the same theme. Overall I want to convey music that sounds like me. I want each song to be unique but also discernible it was made by the same dood.

Pariah Reign (PR): How did you get into electronic music?

Flowstate (F): Electronic music found me when my friend asked me to go to EDC Las Vegas back in 2011. Seeing the positive impact music had on people on such a large scale really hit home for me. People from all different walks of life seemed in unison, and genuinely happy. I knew instantly that this was my calling.

PR: How did you get into producing music?

F: Right after I got home from EDC Las Vegas I hit up a good friend of mine, who was at the time offering an electronic music production course. I dove in head first. In the beginning, I set out with the goal to produce Electro House and over time I slowly morphed into producing almost every genre imaginable.

PR: What was your first electronic music performance here in Boise?

F: My first performance in Boise was I believe back in 2013 at Fatty's Bar. The scene at the time seemed steady but somewhat low-key.

Flowstate (left) playing at Fatty's Bar.

PR: What do you love about the Boise music scene?

F: Over the past few years the Boise music scene has seemed to of gain a lot of momentum, and I believe it will continue to do so. People here are so friendly and courteous, it's truly inspiring. With the rise in momentum, I think that Boise has the potential to be a perfect platform for upcoming artists pursuing their dreams.

PR: Where does the Boise scene need a little love?

F: To be honest, I'm not sure. As of late, I haven't been involved enough in the scene to tell you whats missing from it. I've been solely focused on productions and haven't had the time to dedicate myself to get out there, whether that be playing shows or simply just attending.

PR: What are your dreams & goals as a producer?

F: My dream in music is to continue pursuing my passion, and in turn have a positive impact on peoples lives. My goal as a producer is to write songs that convey a certain set of emotions and feelings, not disposable EDM tracks that are listened to once and soon forgotten. I want to create songs that portray a deeper message, that apply to every individual in a unique way.

PR: What plans do you have for the next 6 months?

F: My plan for the next 6 months is to continue releasing music, and to get more involved in the local scene.

PR: Thank you for your time!

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