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Pariah Local Spotlight: Expression Link

Tuesdays are for the Boise's, with a local spotlight featuring another artist from the scene that Pariah Reign came up from. Today we follow Expression Link, a bass producer from across the border a short drive from Boise. Check out how he got into producing music, as well as an exclusive playlist of original tracks.

Introducing: Expression Link

Artist Name: Expression Link

Full Name: Justice Snyder

Age: 23

Self-Described Style: Dubstep/obscure bass.

PR: Were you a musician before producing electronic music?

I always had a massive love for metal music, as far back as I can remember. But the passion for music really started when I was 12. I picked up learning guitar and dabbled in drums for a while. I eventually formed a band at age 14 and focused most of my time with that. Eventually, everyone parted ways and I didn't really have an outlet to express my passion anymore, that is until I discovered electronic music.

Pariah Reign (PR): How did you get into electronic music?

Expression Link (EL): The electronic music show I went to was The Glitch Mob. I remember seeing the sheer innovation of these guys and hearing the crazy technical robotic obscure bass noises pumping out of the speakers and I instantly fell in love, The rest is history.


PR: How did you get into producing music?

EL: Well shortly after my that first show I was so inspired, I had to look deeper and see what this was all about. Many things about producing appealed to me, but the number one was that I didn't need a band anymore. I could be completely independent and have full control of every bit of my music.
I started producing about 2 years ago, I saved up money for months so I could buy my first version of FL Studio 12. I really just started making anything I could at the time hip hop beats, drumstep, big room. Most of it was god-awful though. I didn't start gravitating towards dubstep till my skill level progressed a bit.

PR: What was your first electronic music performance here in Boise?

EL: My first performance was actually recently! I played THUMP at 9th St. Parallel [a Pariah Reign show, upstairs at the Boise Knitting Factory]. The scene is wild and beautiful!

PR: What do you love about the Boise music scene?

EL: I love the comradery, the energy, the love the Boise scene has. Everyone's appreciation for the music seems entirely genuine.

PR: Where does the Boise scene need a little love?

EL: The Boise scene needs love in the local and up-and-coming artists department, We are all working hard to give people good entertainment, so why not pack that venue? You really got anything better to do on a Saturday night? Show up, and tear the place up. I'll tell you as a fan I'll give just as much energy to a local artist's set as I would a big headliner's, as long as the music is good and the artists give it their all.

PR: What are your dreams & goals as a producer?

EL: First and foremost bring joy to as many people as possible through my music, secondly to tour and live the life on the road. I've always had a gypsy heart, so the life of a traveling musician perfectly accommodates those needs. Plus then I can personally see people enjoying my creations live in person.

PR: What plans do you have for the next 6 months?

EL:: I'm working on an EP, that will be released soon through my promotional label SYNC records. The goal and soon to be reality will be getting attention from a well-known label.

PR: Thank you for your time!

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