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Managing Your Reputation in the Music Industry

Your reputation in the music industry is everything. In the industry, people play for prestige. Looking exclusive, powerful, and influential is often more desirable than actually generating revenue or profits. A diamond-plated reputation can get you immensely far in the industry. A poor reputation will be your ruin.

Never Outshine the Master

I remind myself daily of this: do not bite the hand that feeds you. If you are beneath a person of power, do not threaten them, for it is better to have them as strangers than enemies. Young producers will often come out of the gate swinging, shit talking on bigger producers or local promoters in their areas. These producers believe that they have clout to say something, while in reality they are burning bridges.

If you could use a favor from that person in the future, then don’t take any action to alienate them. Keep your distance, and wait for the right time to ask, or overcome them entirely. Very rarely does calling someone out actually provide any benefit.

Be Dependable

Integrity is largely lacking in the music industry. By showing up on time, doing the work by deadline, and hustling to go above and beyond, you can quickly create a reputation of excellence. People you work with will respect you, assign you better projects, and recommend you for other opportunities. Being a flake, not showing up and making excuses for yourself will get you nowhere.

Speak Less, Say More

People on social media share way too much information. Before you post something, ask, “Is this useful?”. Common people say more to impress, while powerful people say less to attract. Limit any rantings, especially about other people. Reduce the talk about your personal life. You will have a time to share the inner workings of your life. The come-up is not the time.

Manage Your Associations

Control what thoughts, words, and people are associated with your name. Managing the perceptions around your identity is crucial. Guard your name like it is your most valuable asset. It is.

On Facebook, turn on Timeline Review and very selectively curate what content you allow on your timeline. Don’t allow yourself to be dragged into other people’s promotions via tags. If someone asks you to help them promote something, think very carefully about it. Unless it paints you in a good light, don’t do it. Be known for being picky and selective about your life.

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