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Local Spotlight: Styles in Black

Tuesdays are for the Boise's, with a local spotlight featuring another artist from our hometown. Today we venture to the beat side of electronic music with Styles in Black, a fantastic producer who combines hip-hop and world music into a deadly combo.

Introducing: Styles in Black

Artist Name: Styles in Black

Full Name: ???

Age: ??

Self-Described Style: My music has an organic electronic sound with an emphasis on live instrumentation, ranging from tribal-trap to chillhop and trip-hop. My most popular songs tend to have chill, uplifting vibes (like "The Seer Within"). I often use samples or field recordings in my music. During live shows, I play guitar and tribal percussion. Since I make so many different styles, I can always switch up the sound during live shows to keep things fresh.

Pariah Reign (PR): How did you get into electronic music?

Styles in Black (SB): My older brothers were really into hip-hop when I was a kid, so I was always surrounded by those bass-heavy vibes. I've never really been into mainstream EDM or house music. Most of the electronic music I listen to consists of random SoundCloud finds. Other than that I pretty much just listen to world music.

PR: How did you get into producing music?

SIB: I got into DJing during college and eventually got tired of spending so much time putting sets together, so I decided it'd be worth my time to learn how to produce. I started messing around with Ableton while traveling and made an album, which ended up being my debut self-titled album on Philos Records. Because I didn't have access to many instruments at the time, I took a sample-based approach, which has continued in a lot of the music I make to this day..

PR: What was your first electronic music performance here in Boise?

SIB: My first Styles in Black performance was about a year ago at an Earthlings Entertainment event. In that time, there have been quite a few talented producers from Boise putting out music. We Out Here (WOH) has started gaining a lot of traction, and they're really working to fill a much-needed electronic niche in Boise.

PR: What do you love about the Boise music scene?

SIB: Everyone is so friendly and the events usually have a positive vibe. People here tend to take an intellectual approach to music and culture, which is refreshing.

PR: Where does the Boise scene need a little love?

SIB: We need more crews like WOH who take risks by booking local producers and tastemakers (rather than DJs who play to the lowest common denominator). Since virtually every event in town is 21+, Boise is missing out on a HUGE college crowd who are desperate for something to do. It's ridiculous that nobody caters to the over 20,000 undergraduate students who attend BSU. I believe the college and city as a whole are failing to engage the 18-30 crowd.

PR: What are your dreams & goals as a producer?

SIB: I just want to live a simple life and be able to make music full-time. I'd love to play regular shows and festivals. But most of all, I want to continue making music that inspires and uplifts people.

PR: What plans do you have for the next 6 months?

SIB: I'm working on a new full-length album that should be done soon. I want to finish this album and then look into booking a tour.

PR: Thank you for your time!

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