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Industry Af Dictionary

Hello one, hello all. My apologies for not posting in a while. I’m starting up the spree again, and you can expect lots more content, both in-depth, and easy to digest.
Here’s an example of a quick bite: The Industry Af Dictionary. Basically, people in the industry use weird lingo. I’ll be creating and updating a list of all the stupid lingo we use so you can keep up to speed. Some of the definitions are 100% true, some of the definitions are what people “actually mean” when they say it.

The Dictionary Version 0.1

Term Definition
af “as f*ck”
b2b see back-to-back
Back-to-back When 2 or more DJ’s play a set together, trading off songs
Backstage An area where people can hang out with headliners. Often not backstage–parking lots, pizza places, etc.
Black / White The only colors that matter to the industry
Bruh Suitable pronoun for anyone, male or female
Brunch Late breakfast. Industry people go to bed late, wake up late
Color No definition found
Fam Family. Usually refers to ambiguous fans or friends that may not be there
feugo See ‘lit’
Flames See ‘fuego’
gl See ‘guestlist’
-god Suffix used to show douchery of user
Grey Goose Best vodka for pouring on Downlink
Guestlist Getting into a club for free because of how industry you are
Gypsy House Regular house music when it’s played in LA
Hype Energetic
Industry Everyone who works, or thinks they work, in electronic music. Conforming to the stereotype of “professionals” in EDM
IO Hawk An electric Ripstik
Jersey Club Jumping on your bed at 140bpm
Joggers Standard issue industry pants. Bonus points if they’re black
Lit Awesome, hype, energetic, rowdy. Very desirable.
Marketing Excuse for not making music.
Networking Paying to take a picture with a DJ & then saying you’re best friends.
Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer of DJ’s because promoters are too cheap to buy anything else
Peep listen to a song, often before the song is completed see: wip
Pizza Stand issue industry food. At Space Yacht
Play out DJ in a club
Rebrand Excuse made when your music doesn’t do well
Roshes Standard issue industry shoes. Always black
Skin fade Standard issue industry haircuit.
Slide thru To go to a place.
Sniff Cocaine
Sonny Official name of Skrillex.
Space Yacht Guestlist club where only industry af people can get in
The Homie Somebody you’ve talked to once or twice that you can name drop to look cool.
Vapegod See “vapelfyfe” and “-God”
Vapelyfe Being addicted to vaporized nicotine
Veggie Tray Backstage food of choice
Vodka Cranberry Drink of the industry
WIP Work in progress; a song that is not finished but cool enough to show

Shoutout to: Silvana Marie, Kenna Deep, Timmy Teaze, DVNGEROUSBRDZ, & Nate Lowpass for helping with definitions.



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