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Improve Your Focus as In Little as 10 Minutes

Distractions can rule us if we do not maintain focus. Many of my producer friends are not short of drive, but rather of constant concentration. Focus, getting into the zone, is by no means easy. Attaining a state of continuous flow is massively difficult and introspective. In order to cultivate our true focus, we must look inwards. To improve your focus, you must understand the nature of our attention, our interests, our personalities.

Attention Deficit, or Input Deficit?

I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder when I was 12 years old. I remember sitting the psychologist’s office with my mom, as he told me what this malady was. As a child, I was slow to fall asleep, often due to a “racing mind”. I was easily distracted from things that disinterested me, but was able to hyper-focus on things I was passionate about. I would sit down at a computer, open up Photoshop, and lose myself in a black hole for hours at a time.

I noticed that I had no issue with losing myself in my work. Despite being labeled as ADD, I was completely engulfed in design, in music, in my teenage love for BMX riding. I was able to give an extraordinary amount of energy to what I was passionate about.

I’ve observed that this lack and overrun of focus is almost engrained in creative DNA. Many of my musician friends have troubles concentrating on tasks for long periods of time, even tasks that they enjoy. Moving from an attention deficit mind to an input deficit mind is critical for making creative headway. At young age, I harnessed my extreme lack of attention into sprints of extreme presence of attention. I’ve sharpened this skill, and now can exist in constantly present states for the majority of my day, or should I choose. When I’m not interested in something, it loses me completely. Adjusting for this lack of concentration in one area with an exaggerated sense of focus in another is critical in my work as an entrepreneur.

Meditation to Improve Your Focus

Throughout high school, I bounced from medication to medication. I was smart, but didn’t give a damn about school. My parents thought the right medications could change my attitude and my GPA.
I now function at a much higher level than I ever did on medication. I credit this entirely to mindfulness meditation. I started meditating at 19, and dramatically changed my life. 20 minutes each day are dedicated to improving my mental and emotional state, while cultivating awareness of thought and feeling. I can direct my attention and avoid dispirit pursuits.
The ability to remain present, in particular, is a game-changer that meditation solely provides. By being devoid of thoughts, seeking only inputs without commentary, flow happens naturally. Focus is not forced or hard, but relaxed, soft. As I’m writing this post, I’m in an extremely calm state, powering through line by line as fast as my fingers can type. Imagine what that can do to your workflow. Imagine if you could channel the music underneath your keys, or the structure beneath your business, or the art resting below your fingers. By reducing the amount of inner commentary, we can dramatically increase our speed of creation, to a point where it becomes deadly.

Where to Start

  1. Start meditating using Headspace. The “Take 10” pack of ten minutes for ten days is revolutionary. You will notice a difference in your life.
  2. Throughout the day, observe the sensations in the body, especially the sensation of the feet on the ground. Feel what areas of the foot rests upon the earth beneath you. An electrifying feeling can be born. This sense of being grounded is critical for improving performance and reducing nerve.

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