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How to Be Underaged and Still Kill It in the Music Industry

As much as we’d not like to admit there is definite age bias in the music industry. With electronic music particularly focused around the 21+ club scene, it is difficult for young people to break into their local scenes. It’s even tougher for minors, those under 18, to get the bookings or access to network, market, and promote.

I’m writing this post while I’m 20 years old. The advice I am about to give is what I used to play every venue in my home town by the age of 18. I did this so well, that even now at age 20, I’m playing clubs, and I’m asked to perform although my producer moniker is long since dead.

Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You

This is the only to be young and great. Be so good that promoters, talent buyers, whoever, will make an exception for you because of your talent. If you are not extraordinary, you will lose opportunities to people who are older than you. It makes sense. If there’s a 21+ venue, and the choice is between a 19 year-old kid and a 23 year-old girl with equal talent, the older DJ will win. However, if that 19 year-old is the best DJ or producer in his town, and has incredible draw, exceptions can be made.

How to Be Great

So you need to be so good that nobody can ignore you. But how do you do that? This largely depends on your goals. If you are wanting to play shows to network with headliners, deeply focus on building what DJ following you can in your area. Play shows, build an audience on social media. Get ridiculously good at performing. Make producer friends online and chat with them as you both come up. You need something extra to offer over the of-age artists in your area. Find what that is and go crazy to get it.

Use Your Age as an Advantage

Can’t get into bars? Great, you have time to spend on your music every weekend. Are you still in high school? Great, get all of your peers to support you. Use your age as an advantage to you. If you are young and coming up, you can impress people and press by producing extraordinary music at an early age. Leverage what you think is your weakness as a strength, and go all-in.

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