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How I Got 16,000 Views for $8.58

Today, I’m going to tell you about the most underpriced medium that should be in your marketing arsenal.

Before I tell you what it is, I want to show you a real world example we did here at Pariah Reign. Maybe you’ll be able to guess what I’m talking about by looking at these stats.

Our real-world stats

Cost: $8.58
Views: 16,325
Uses: 198
Views per use: 85
Cost per view: $0.00053
Cost per 1000 views (CPM): $0.53

So what marketing tool did I use to generate 16,000 views for less than $10?

Snapchat Geofilters.

Introducing Snapchat Geofilters

If you have used Snapchat, you are guaranteed to know what a geofilter is. Geofilters are images that can be overlay on top of a snap to add pizzazz. If you’ve never used Snapchat, think of geofilters as picture frames that can be put on top of a picture or video. Geofilters are linked to a certain geographic area and are only active for a limited amount of time. Geofilter’s duration and area aspects make them prime for marketing at concerts and other events.

While Snapchat’s Community Geofilters have been around for ages, the company launched On-Demand Geofilters earlier this year. Before this year, only cities, universities, and public landmarks could have their geofilters. With On-Demand Geofilters, anyone with a good design and a few bucks can order their own geofilter for their purposes.

Currently, geofilters are massively underpriced. The minimum starts at $5. Pricing depends on the area and duration that the geofilter is active. For concerts and club events that last six hours, this usually means less than $10 for a geofilter.

What happens when you can buy branded geofilters at $5 a night? Badass things happen, that’s what.

Case Study: Life in Color Boise

Our Party Mode: On geofilter used by Kayzo at Life in Color. The geofilter has since been redesigned so no graphics are covered up by Snapchat's interface.

Our Party Mode: On geofilter used by Kayzo at Life in Color. We redesigned it so the graphics weren’t covered up by Snapchat’s interface.

We launched one of our most popular geofilters, the Party Mode: On geofilter at Life in Color Boise. We spent a total of $8.58 (plus some Photoshop design time) to cover the entire outdoor amphitheater for the duration of the concert.

We had close to 200 people use that geofilter, including some of the headlining artists. That geofilter was viewed over 16,000 times.

The Party Mode: On geofilter does exceptionally well because it is what we call a storytelling geofilter.

Storytelling geofilters are designed to help people tell the story about their experience at an event. Instead of being solely focused on branding, the main emphasis of a storytelling geofilter is to provide value to the user. While you should absolutely include your logo and brand name, the primary goal of this geofilter is for others, not for yourself.

Focusing your geofilter on other people is actually selfish. Say you’re like us at Pariah Reign. You have decent brand recognition, but you are by no means one of the big guys. If we were to put out a geofilter with just our little alien and the words Pariah Reign, I highly doubt people would use it. We’re not cool enough for that, yet. But, since we created something that is useful for the guests at Life in Color, they were happy to use it. By being selfless, you are actually being selfish.

Learn More About Geofilters

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