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Getting Feedback: What are you really asking for?

Welcome to today’s mini-post. This is the first short format post on the blog. Let me know how you like it.

The Feedback Trap

Whenever you ask for feedback, you are looking for one of two things.

  1. Criticism 
  2. Confirmation

Every time you send out a track for a homie to peep, or pass a business idea off of a mentor, you are either looking to receive painful, but useful information to improve or kind words to reinforce your ego. It is rarely ever both.

It’s frustrating when receiving the wrong sort of feedback. If you are looking for criticism, and receive confirmation, you feel that the other person’s input isn’t useful. If you are looking for confirmation and receive criticism, your pride is hurt. The other person seems rude or cold.

So when asking for thoughts, be conscious of what type of feedback you want to receive. Ask yourself, “do I want to painfully improve, or do I want to feel validated right now?” There’s no shame in periodically seeking confirmation. After you’ve reflected, alert the person asked that you are looking for a specific type of feedback.

If someone asks you for feedback, give confirming criticism, along the lines of: “these things need work, but if you spend time on them it will be wonderful”. Giving solely confirmation makes you less useful. Crushing other’s egos makes you less useful as well. Balance both when g

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