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Creating the Habit of Success

Is there a decision successful people make to be successful? Is there a way to build habits of success? Obviously not, right? Wrong. We already wrote about the key to finishing tracks, and you can find that here, but what now?

Success Is a Choice

“No matter who you are, your progress and success in life will depend, more than any other factor, on how you invest the twenty-four hours you’re blessed with each day.”
 Tommy Newberry

You make specific decisions every day based on your prior experiences. I stopped eating “everything” bagels because I found I don’t like them, I don’t drink a Red Bull before bed because I know it will keep me up all night. What can this idea of choice teach us about success?

The first step is to identify unsuccessful behavior. If you go party every Friday night, and spend Saturday praising the porcelain throne, maybe you should change that behavior. Any current bad habits need to be eliminated on the road to success. Keep a clean workspace, maintain a schedule, and practice good hygiene. As silly as it sounds, brushing your teeth and showering can be keys to success.

Building a Habit of Success

“Good habits formed at youth can make all the difference”


Wasted time is the killer of success. How do I know? Because I am the king of procrastinating. Even as I write this, I think about the other things I could be doing and ways to avoid finishing this. How can we be sure not to waste time? Start with these 3 steps:

  • Wake up earlier. Sleeping late is the fastest way to kill your success. Set your alarm, and get out of bed early. You’ll feel better if you do.
  • Business before pleasure. Maintain a schedule, and be sure to put your priorities in order. The harder the task is, the higher on your list it should be. [Note from Sky: Completing the hardest or most important task early in the day is a huge psychological win. By removing the looming shadow of work, you can free yourself of anxiety and gain confidence in your execution abilities.]
  • Keep a calendar. Even if you have no events or meetings scheduled for the next 8 months, keeping a calendar is a habit that can be built quickly and easily. Knowing what you have to do, when you have to do it is a great way of staying on top. [Note from Sky: Time is your most valuable, finite resource. While you can find $20 in the street, you cannot add years to your life. Being in control of your time is guarding your most precious asset.]

Working Smarter, and Harder

One of my favorite quotes is “While you’re relaxing, your competition is working.” Keep this in mind when you don’t feel like working on music, or editing those photos you took, or working on your DJ set. The people who understand success work hard continuously. The choice to keep occupied with your task of choice is one that will immediately prove successful. NGHTMRE attributes his success as an artist to the fact that he released music constantly, almost feverishly, over a short few months, and quickly gained a large following because of it. Your work ethic will typically have immediate effect on your success.

Building Success

How do you build success? Make choices that prove successful. Build good habits and stick to them. Work harder than your competition, and keep a schedule. Success follows those who work towards it, so keep working. You will reap the fruits of your labor eventually. Choose success, and watch as success builds around you. Now, get to work.

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