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BLVK SHEEP on Music Collectives, Arrangement, and Remix Selection

FULL NAME: Richie Buckley


FIRST ELECTRONIC TRACK HEARD: I don’t remember but Showtek – FTS is a fav from the old days.

When was the moment when you said, “I got this. I’m going to produce electronic music”? 

I started getting into EDM around 2012, and when I went to Electric Zoo in 2013, I saw Diplo in 3D & Skrillex close the mainstage. Seeing what they were doing inspired me a lot to start producing electronic music.

Define your your sound. How should producers find their sound?

My sound takes a lot of different forms, it’s not something that’s easily described, but ultimately my fans know my sound and production style when they hear it. Genre wise, it could be Trap, Future Bass, or whatever comes to mind. I think finding your sound is crucial, because the production landscape is more crowded than ever. That’s why for me personally, my focus as BLVK SHEEP is not only producing quality music, but music that stands out, and is memorable even to the most hardcore EDM fans.

You are one of the OG’s of MMXV Artist Collective. How has starting a collective benefited you as an artist? 

Collectives are awesome. It’s really great to be around like-minded, motivated people who constantly want to help with feedback, and help you push your music.

How did you motivate artists to release with a new collective that didn’t have massive reach yet?

We grew extremely fast. It started around March of 2015 & here we are a year later with over 75k followers on soundcloud! But it wasn’t easy at first & it definitely isn’t now but we are going to keep working for bigger and better things.  Scrvp and I would constantly ask all the homies for new music for us to release plus keeping up with our demos. I think us taking off so fast & growing so well was motivating enough for people wanting to release with us.

You’ve been headlining shows across the country. Congrats! Which helped you more to get here: releasing tunes online or hustling for DJ gigs?

Thank you! I think its more important to make music for sure. Making good music will bring the promoters to you.

Did you know your remix would win the Aftershock competition? What was it like listening to the finished track for the first time?

There were so many great remixes of Aftershock and I still think it’s still so crazy that Maliboux & I won. We finished the remix in about 2 days, & released it like 2 days later.

Talk a bit about Snowglobe–the experience, the set, anything!

Playing Snowglobe was unreal. When Maliboux & I first stepped on the stage, there were about 50 people there, but by the end of our set we had about 1500 people there & the crowd was super responsive & had amazing energy. Being around so many great artists, and meeting the fans, and so many other people I look up to was an unforgettable experience.

 When you put a track together, do you think the mix or the composition is more important? Why?

I always start by getting my idea out of my head, and into an arrangement as fast as I can. I usually format my whole song, and then go into fixing my sounds. Then I start working on the mixdown and automation, and finish the rest from there.

What is your process for choosing a song to remix? Should artists stay away from originls and focus on remixes to build their audiences? 

I have to love something about the original, but also want to improve something about it as well. My remix of “Already Gone” by Alison Wonderland is a perfect example. I loved the break and vocals, but wasn’t a fan of the drop section. I think, as an artist starting out, remixes are important, but you should be making original music as well, so when you develop more of a following, and the time to release an original comes, you are already used to it. I didn’t release my first original until I had about 4-5k followers on soundcloud!


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