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3 Bad Instagram Habits All Producers Need to Quit Now

Today’s post is an extremely short one. We are busy prototyping new products all weekend. Cool stuff to come!

That said, producers seem to have Snapchat, SoundCloud, and Facebook decently figured out. But most producers fail hard at Instagram. Here’s 3 bad Instagram habits to stop before they catch up to you.

1. Quit Using Instagram Bots

I hate Instagram bots. They’re annoying, they’re worthless, they’re a waste. Instagram bots are great for growing a mindless following. They bring about quick growth, but they’re hollow. When an artist institutes a bot to gain followers, they prove that they do not care about people–they only care about numbers. 

When bots replace normal human interaction, fans are tricked into a false sense of caring. You accidentally give “support” to producers who you would have otherwise never talked with. If you run bots on your Instagram, prepare to receive incoming DM’s about random requests, or thanking you for the like/comment/follow that you didn’t even know you gave out. From what I’ve seen, every producer who runs on a bot on their page does not give a damn about the people their bots bring in, and ends up alienating fans because of the IDGAF attitude of botting.

2. Quit Posting Pictures of Your Cat

Or dog, or lunch, or whatever. The truth is, don’t post things that people aren’t interested in. Fans want to see you making moves or doing interesting things, not eating lunch or vaping. Post about your music. Share pictures from your shows. Walk around with a photographer friend and three other producer homies and take squad pics. Make your life appear interesting and exclusive. Save your cat for Snapchat.

3. Quit Posting Hashtags Beneath Photos

Instead, comment the hashtags right after you post. The space beneath an Instagram photo is a very special place, where you should have an apt description–short and sweet. Take the hashtags that you would usually post with the picture, and comment them instead. The picture will still rank with those hashtags, and you save precious eye space to frame your photo as beautifully as possible.


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