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1 Simple SoundCloud Download Button Hack

Last night, I found Sniply, an awesome tool that is a perfect, simple SoundCloud download button hack that will get you more downloads, followers, and plays–even on a free SoundCloud account.

Why Sniply is a SoundCloud Download Button Hack

So before I explain what Sniply does, I think you should see for yourself. It’s fantastic.

Sniply is a better way of sharing links. It’s a free tool that allows to you put a button with a link onto any webpage. Sniply works like Bitly, where you enter a URL to create a short, trackable link. Instead of sending clickers directly to the URL, Sniply sends them to a special version of that website with your button put over it. If clicked, your button can send people to any other link you choose. Sniply also gives you data to compare how many people click your link versus click your button.

A Quick Demo

Sniply Remix Contest Demo

I used a SoundCloud link with a vote link in the button to promote my friend’s remix.  I customized the button text to something a little quirky and out of the ordinary.

I used Sniply to help boost the track rankings my friend Andrés’ remix of “Be Together” in the remix contest.

The first thing that needs to be established with Sniply is a goal. The goal is the link that people go to when they click the button. For me, this goal was easy. I wanted people to click the button and go to the vote page of my friend’s remix.

Now that I had a goal, I needed some pages to share that I could put my goal button on. I decided that sharing the SoundCloud link to the remix would be a good idea for a few reasons. First, most people feel comfortable and are familiar with listening to music on SoundCloud. Second, SoundCloud already has link buttons, but they kinda suck. They’re small and plain, and can’t be changed from anything besides “Buy” unless you pay a SoundCloud subscription. So I decided that making a bolder, more beautiful vote button on SoundCloud would be a good way to test the tool.

After the snip link was created, I started sharing it on social media just like I would share a SoundCloud link. And? It worked!

Other Uses for Producers/DJs

SoundCloud really is the perfect use for Sniply. SoundCloud is separate from all other social media channels, so most artists have to link back to SoundCloud no matter where they go. By adding the ability to put in a second link, an “If you liked this” link, normal drab link sharing becomes an opportunity to get fans to convert.

Create better download links on SoundCloud

Like the remix contest example, add button on your SoundCloud track that will send people to a download page. The button will be bigger and better looking than the default SoundCloud Buy/Download button, and you will have access to link view & click stats that you wouldn’t have normally.

Send journalists to your press information

When sending out a track or album for blog coverage, add a button to the stream link that will send bloggers to your press kit. If the blogger likes the track, they will have a direct link to all the info to write an article about you.

Give bigger artists your social media info

Send out promo emails to bigger artists, with a button on the stream link that will take them to your Instagram or Twitter so they can follow you. If an artist likes your track, you can ask them to follow you and say what’s up.

Direct fans to your latest press feature

If you have an interview or feature with a big blog, create a Snip link on your SoundCloud that will direct fans to the interview. Blogs literally live off of page-views, so the more views you can send the blog, the more you will be written up. (This is why Skrillex & deadmau5 appear on YourEDM and almost every day. People love reading about them)

Get more cross-platform social media followers

When sharing a SoundCloud track on Facebook, create a button to your Instagram where listeners can follow you. The more channels you can connect with your audience, the better.


Have any more uses or ideas? Comment or email me at for a chance to get them featured!


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