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1 Simple Promo Email Hack


Finding a producer’s promo email address can be a tricky thing. We’ve developed a simple method for finding promo emails, using Google and some basic search functions.

 The Promo Email Hack

The only tool you need to find promo emails is Google, but you need to know how to use it.
When looking for a promo email, use this formula in Google to try and find your result.
 (artist name) promo email + demo -management -booking -info -mix -steez
The ‘+’ in the search text makes ‘demo email’ as acceptable as ‘promo email’. Some artists publish their promo emails as that–promo emails. Some call it a demo email.
The ‘-‘ in the search text ignores the phrases ‘management email’ and ‘booking email’. This is extremely helpful because often a management email will be at the top of the Google results while the promo email will be buried.
This is a really basic and kind of obvious trick–search Google for an artist’s promo email. However, the magic is in these +/- functions because it filters out the artist’s unwanted email addresses, promo mixes, and events from Steez Promo (no offense!). It also includes alternative phrasing for the email address you are seeking.

Other Tips

  1. This method won’t work every time – Sometimes, you will have to tweak some of the keywords in order to find your desired promo email address. Sometimes, you will search and search for a promo email address, and you will come up empty handed. Some producers don’t use promo email addresses, or don’t post it publicly on the internet. Don’t believe that it’s guaranteed you’ll find one.
  2. Promo emails are often found on Twitter – This is a personal judgement, but a majority of my promo email list come from an artist replying to a fan asking for the promo email. If you get a search result from Twitter, dig through the replies and you might have some luck.
  3. If you can’t find a promo email, ask – If you open up for an artist, ask for a promo email. If you can’t find a promo email on the internet, hit the artist up on Twitter. Don’t be creepy, but know that people say yes more than you think.

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