Should You DJ for Free? A Pragmatic Guide to Performing

When you're starting out as a musician, it is incredibly tough to figure out when to perform for free. Music is work, and takes time, money, and talent to put together a good set. While on one hand you feel like you should be paid for your art, there are dozens of other similarly talented musicians [...]

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Music Industry: Get Serious About Your Health

Ah, yes. 2017. A new year, new me--right? While cynics downplay the idea of New Year's resolutions, there is something to a fresh start in a new calendar year that's resonates psychologically, even if it doesn't make sense rationally. Yes, we are emotional creatures and most make decisions on how we feel, not how we [...]

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Valentine on Mixdowns, Networking, Upcoming 2017 Plans

Don't let the name Valentine throw you off: this dude is killing it. The young producer has already made a name for himself releasing beautifully written and masterfully constructed tracks one after the other. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Valentine and chat about pretty much everything. We go all over the place [...]

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Slay the Story: 8 Snapchat Takeover Tips

If you're an artist or personality, doing Snapchat takeovers on other Snapchat accounts is a wicked way to get yourself into the world. When you're building your own audience, you want to take every advantage you can to borrow someone else's audience to add into your own. Snapchat takeovers are free (minus any geofilters or [...]

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Pariah Plays Vol. 009

Welcome back to another week of Pariah Plays! This selection showcases 5 experimental sounds that provide a dark contrast to the typical Yuletide atmosphere and a great way for bassheads and audiophiles to kick off the holiday weekend. Merry Christmas and get ready to enjoy Vol. 009! Listen to the entire playlist: 1. [...]

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Best of 2016: Top Takeaways from this Year

Photo credit: Kale King First off, thank you to everyone who supported Pariah Reign this year. Whether you bought some gear, came to one of our shows, or read the blog, I appreciate the hell out of you. I wish you a happy holidays, and a great New Year. Every year around this time, I [...]

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How I Got 16,000 Views for $8.58

Today, I'm going to tell you about the most underpriced medium that should be in your marketing arsenal. Before I tell you what it is, I want to show you a real world example we did here at Pariah Reign. Maybe you'll be able to guess what I'm talking about by looking at these stats. [...]

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Pariah Plays Vol. 006 – Convex, Valentine, K?D, Casper

Hello! We took a week off of the Pariah Plays to celebrate Thanksgiving, but we are back! This week's sounds are inspired by Porter Robinson! I'm leaving tomorrow to drive 6 hours to go see him perform with Madeon and San Holo. This week's are in the slow, melodic house music style of Porter. Listen [...]

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Hometown Hero Kai Wachi Announces First Boise Show Since 2014

Boise's mad scientist of bass music is Back in the Lab again. Yesterday, Black Tiger Sex Machine announced their 'Music is Our Religion Tour' featuring Kannibalen Records label-mates Dabin and Kai Wachi. The tour is coming to Boise on Saturday, March 4 at the Knitting Factory Concert House. Wachi's 2017 Boise appearance will be the first time [...]

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White Rabbit’s Brandon Owen on Success, Leadership, Marketing (+More)

Hello my little Pariahs! My apologies for the radio silence. Earlier this month, I spent a week in Los Angeles to celebrate my 21st birthday. I had a lot of fun, partied a bit, and got a chance to play at Space Yacht. I even witnessed the beginnings of the election riots outside of Donald [...]

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