Slay the Story: 8 Snapchat Takeover Tips

If you're an artist or personality, doing Snapchat takeovers on other Snapchat accounts is a wicked way to get yourself into the world. When you're building your own audience, you want to take every advantage you can to borrow someone else's audience to add into your own. Snapchat takeovers are free (minus any geofilters or [...]

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How I Got 16,000 Views for $8.58

Today, I'm going to tell you about the most underpriced medium that should be in your marketing arsenal. Before I tell you what it is, I want to show you a real world example we did here at Pariah Reign. Maybe you'll be able to guess what I'm talking about by looking at these stats. [...]

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Creating a Personal Brand on Your Private Facebook Profile

It seems that the entire music industry is trying to create personal brands--off of their Facebook accounts. I was asked an interesting question last night. "You get a decent stack of likes on each post. How do you create a good private account?" The question sprang out of a Facebook status that I posted last [...]

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Your Biggest Music Marketing Mistake That You Don’t Even Know You’re Making

I attract a crowd, not because I'm an extrovert or I'm over the top or I'm oozing with charisma. It's because I care. -Gary Vaynerchuk If I asked you who you were marketing your music to, you'd probably say something like this: young, hip people, age 18-27, living in Los Angeles, San Fransisco, New York [...]

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Should EDM Producers Sell Music?

For most producers: no. Or at least not yet. There always seems to be a huge rush for young producers to make an EP or single for sale. A wave of tunes from apparent nobodies hit Beatport and iTunes every day--and often sit there without a single dime to be made. Here are some reasons on [...]

The Undeniable Trap of Social Media

How much do you really own your audience? Most producers will say that they 100% have control of their audience. They will always be there, right? Absolutely not. If your largest following is on social media, you may end up owning nothing. The Ego Trap of Social Media Building social media for social media's sake is [...]

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3 Bad Instagram Habits All Producers Need to Quit Now

Today's post is an extremely short one. We are busy prototyping new products all weekend. Cool stuff to come! That said, producers seem to have Snapchat, SoundCloud, and Facebook decently figured out. But most producers fail hard at Instagram. Here's 3 bad Instagram habits to stop before they catch up to you. 1. Quit Using Instagram [...]

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The Music Producer Social Media Engagement Checklist

Hey, Pariah Tribe. This post is a little shorter than usual. We're super busy around here, but want to squeeze in that extra value to your life. I've noticed that many producers do not have their social media engagement where it should be. This post contains quick bites of knowledge to get your social media [...]

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The Best SoundCloud Fan Gate: Top 3 Platforms to Hack SoundCloud Downloads

I went out on a quest to find the best SoundCloud fan gate (also called SoundCloud download gate) for the electronic producer. After thoroughly testing nine different fan gates, I'm happy to share my results. A Bit About Fan Gates The concept of a fan gate is simple. With a fan gate, artists offer downloads [...]

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1 Simple SoundCloud Download Button Hack

Last night, I found Sniply, an awesome tool that is a perfect, simple SoundCloud download button hack that will get you more downloads, followers, and plays–even on a free SoundCloud account. Why Sniply is a SoundCloud Download Button Hack So before I explain what Sniply does, I think you should see for yourself. It’s fantastic. […]

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