White Rabbit’s Brandon Owen on Success, Leadership, Marketing (+More)

Hello my little Pariahs! My apologies for the radio silence. Earlier this month, I spent a week in Los Angeles to celebrate my 21st birthday. I had a lot of fun, partied a bit, and got a chance to play at Space Yacht. I even witnessed the beginnings of the election riots outside of Donald [...]

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Borgore’s Favorite New Artists, Tips to Life (+ More)

Photo Credit: Cybele Malinowski Last week at the Boise stop of Safe In Sound Festival, we had the opportunity to interview the headlining artist, Borgore. We sat down with the Israeli producer in a noisy green room and chatted about music life, just minutes before he had to be on stage. Borgore is a wealth [...]

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Should Artists Sell Tickets?

Should artists sell tickets? There's been some heat recently on whether performers should help promote the shows they play at. The argument I've heard most often is, "Well, I'm an artist. Selling tickets is the promoter's job. My job is to perform." This is true. Your job is to perform. But, the most effective people [...]

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Should EDM Producers Sell Music?

For most producers: no. Or at least not yet. There always seems to be a huge rush for young producers to make an EP or single for sale. A wave of tunes from apparent nobodies hit Beatport and iTunes every day--and often sit there without a single dime to be made. Here are some reasons on [...]

Stop Taking Bad Bookings and Start Playing Smart

There's multiple ways to destroy your brand while playing shows. That said, there are also countless ways to strengthen your image with live performance. The key is much less on how you play (as long as you're not awful, you're usually good), but on what shows you do choose to play. Creating the correct criteria [...]

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The Undeniable Secret That Pros Use To Finish Tracks

Very recently, I heard a story of a  young comedian named Brad Isaac, who, at the time, was just starting out. At one of his very first gigs, he was given the opportunity to meet Jerry Seinfeld, at the start the show Seinfeld. They chatted a bit, and eventually Isaac asked if Seinfeld had any tips [...]

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What All Artists Must Know About Artist Managers

I often hear that producers say that they need artist managers. I most certainly will guarantee that 95% of them don't. It sounds sexy to have a manager, but most producers will not get to the point where it becomes a necessity. Below is a list of common misconceptions about artist managers, plus a list of [...]

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The Best SoundCloud Fan Gate: Top 3 Platforms to Hack SoundCloud Downloads

I went out on a quest to find the best SoundCloud fan gate (also called SoundCloud download gate) for the electronic producer. After thoroughly testing nine different fan gates, I'm happy to share my results. A Bit About Fan Gates The concept of a fan gate is simple. With a fan gate, artists offer downloads [...]

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Artist Collective Creation Guide

MMXV does a good job of setting up their SoundCloud. All artist’s are @ linked to be viewed & found easily.Creating an artist collective can have incredible benefits. It can bring about opportunities, exposure, and a foundation for your career. This guide is, in part, a breakdown of already successful collectives, giving you the tactics and strategies to create your own killer collective. […]

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