White Rabbit’s Brandon Owen on Success, Leadership, Marketing (+More)

Hello my little Pariahs! My apologies for the radio silence. Earlier this month, I spent a week in Los Angeles to celebrate my 21st birthday. I had a lot of fun, partied a bit, and got a chance to play at Space Yacht. I even witnessed the beginnings of the election riots outside of Donald [...]

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Your Biggest Music Marketing Mistake That You Don’t Even Know You’re Making

I attract a crowd, not because I'm an extrovert or I'm over the top or I'm oozing with charisma. It's because I care. -Gary Vaynerchuk If I asked you who you were marketing your music to, you'd probably say something like this: young, hip people, age 18-27, living in Los Angeles, San Fransisco, New York [...]

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Should EDM Producers Sell Music?

For most producers: no. Or at least not yet. There always seems to be a huge rush for young producers to make an EP or single for sale. A wave of tunes from apparent nobodies hit Beatport and iTunes every day--and often sit there without a single dime to be made. Here are some reasons on [...]

The Undeniable Trap of Social Media

How much do you really own your audience? Most producers will say that they 100% have control of their audience. They will always be there, right? Absolutely not. If your largest following is on social media, you may end up owning nothing. The Ego Trap of Social Media Building social media for social media's sake is [...]

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The Best SoundCloud Fan Gate: Top 3 Platforms to Hack SoundCloud Downloads

I went out on a quest to find the best SoundCloud fan gate (also called SoundCloud download gate) for the electronic producer. After thoroughly testing nine different fan gates, I'm happy to share my results. A Bit About Fan Gates The concept of a fan gate is simple. With a fan gate, artists offer downloads [...]

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1 Simple SoundCloud Download Button Hack

Last night, I found Sniply, an awesome tool that is a perfect, simple SoundCloud download button hack that will get you more downloads, followers, and plays–even on a free SoundCloud account. Why Sniply is a SoundCloud Download Button Hack So before I explain what Sniply does, I think you should see for yourself. It’s fantastic. […]

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1 Simple Promo Email Hack

  Finding a producer’s promo email address can be a tricky thing. We’ve developed a simple method for finding promo emails, using Google and some basic search functions. […]

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Facebook for Creatives: Why it Still Matters

With organic reach declining, many creatives have forsaken Facebook. These deserters claim that whenever they post on Facebook, their message is never heard. This is true, and we have written an article concerning Facebook organic reach if you would like to know our ideas on the topic. Anyway, even though the attention of fans may be dwindling, Facebook is still the primary way of judging the popularity of an artist, especially within the industry. […]

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5 Hacks to SoundCloud Growth

As an musician, your SoundCloud is your portfolio. While it has its obvious flaws, SoundCloud is currently the most popular music sharing tool on the web. Your music, no matter how good it is, needs a little push to get it in front of people. Below are 5 steps to create a system that will bring [...]

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