Why All Music is Unoriginal (Yours Too)

Here’s something that people who aren’t musicians don’t understand about music: music is inherently unoriginal. You can say this about all art. If you changed out the music concepts and replaced them with techniques of painting, mechanics of writing, or even the structuring of businesses, the concept would ring true the same: originality is dead. [...]

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Best of 2016: Top Takeaways from this Year

Photo credit: Kale King First off, thank you to everyone who supported Pariah Reign this year. Whether you bought some gear, came to one of our shows, or read the blog, I appreciate the hell out of you. I wish you a happy holidays, and a great New Year. Every year around this time, I [...]

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Editorial: What It’s Like to Turn 21 At Space Yacht

Photo credit: Anastasia Velicescu This August, I scrolled through the calendar on my iPhone to check out my birthday. I didn’t think too much of it. I was turning 21, but I didn’t really think I’d do anything special. But then, I noticed my birthday, November 8th, was on a Tuesday night. “Oh damn, I’m going [...]

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