Pariah Local Spotlight: EvoluShawn

Today we’re featuring EvoluShawn, a Boise producer. EvoluShawn’s style is bassy, jazzy, hip-hoppy, funky–unique. Imagine Mr. Carmack shaking hands with Miles Davis and the Neptunes, and that’s the music that EvoluShawn pumps out on the reg. Check out how he got into music and what he has coming up next. Enter: EvoluShawn Full Name: Shawn Grove Age: [...]

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Pariah Local Spotlight: Mamm0th

Photo Cred: Miguel Mendoza Today we’re featuring Mamm0th, a Boise-local and one of my brothers growing up in the Idaho electronic music scene. Mamm0th's an innovative producer and DJ setting forth a precedence for local talent in the area. From his roots as a hardcore drummer, to producing big room in 2014 (sorry bro, had to [...]

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Pariah Local Spotlight: Jakzon

Photo credit: Bobby T Photography Hello! Welcome to the first of many local spotlight posts highlighting the talent within Pariah's hometown, Boise, Idaho. These spotlights are short interviews that give you the lowdown on Boise's up-and-coming talent. Today we're featuring Jakzon, a Boise bass (and house?) producer. In his performance career, he's shared the stage [...]

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Hometown Hero Kai Wachi Announces First Boise Show Since 2014

Boise's mad scientist of bass music is Back in the Lab again. Yesterday, Black Tiger Sex Machine announced their 'Music is Our Religion Tour' featuring Kannibalen Records label-mates Dabin and Kai Wachi. The tour is coming to Boise on Saturday, March 4 at the Knitting Factory Concert House. Wachi's 2017 Boise appearance will be the first time [...]

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